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Data Acquisition Systems

At Fife Control Systems Ltd we make use of powerful SCADA packages to monitor and control complex systems. Whether it is sensitive instrumentation or heavy engineering processes, we can build a system that delivers the information you need.

Our Data Acquisition systems have been used to trend and record Voltage, Current, Temperature, Pressure, Flow Rates, and general machine statistics.

Typical applications include Factory Performance Reporting, Testing, Remote System Monitoring, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Quality, and Maintenance.

Instant Real World Monitoring

Gauge 5ksi.JPG
Mould Heating.jpg
Gas Test Pit.jpg
DAQ Unit.jpg
2022-05-26 (1).png

Live Key Performance Indicators

Pilz Safety PLC
AB Control PLC
Control Room
Pilz Image 3
SCADA Pressure Testing
AB GuardLogix
Shipping engine overveiw

Additional Safety Features that we can add:

  • Alarming and Shutdown

  • Interlock Access Control with System Monitoring

  • Multi-point Hazard Monitoring

  • Beacon Light Warnings

  • Fault Monitoring

  • Situational Control of System

  • Operator completely removed from Hazard

  • Eliminate Human Error

Additional Control Functionality:

  • Automated and Manual Control

  • Electric, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic Equipment Control

  • Multi Privilege User Access Control

  • Can perform pre-set reporting of systems and tests.

  • Management reports – Performance, Quality, Safety

  • Remote witnessing and CCTV.


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