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Metal Pipes
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Experts in Safety, Data Acquisition, and Automation

Automated Pressure Testing

Founder and Director of Fife Control Systems Tom Elliot:

"Our Auto PRV system is designed and tested to increase productivity and make operations simpler while minimising the risk of over-pressuring."


  • Smart Valve Control.

  • Over Pressure is prevented by Regulator and Motor control, limiting a HPUs ability to reach the max pressure.​​

  • Multi-Point Pressure Monitoring in complex systems can be achieved across multiple locations.

  • Quick selection of common maximum pressures.​

  • Simple configuration of PT sensors and pump type.​

  • Maintenance page is password protected.​

  • No need to break connections or change out PRVs. 

Easy to use

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Quick to setup

AutoPRV System
Gas and Hydro AutoPRV System

Additional features we can add:

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