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Fuel Statistics System - Vessels

FSS is an offshore and onshore digital dashboard showing status of fuel usage and position tracking for vessels.

The offshore dashboard can be accessible in the ship’s bridge, with the onshore dashboard accessible in your chosen location.

Additional engine sensor I/O can be included alongside communication links to existing engine management.

Engine performance and GPS monitoring is achieved via an innovative and intuitive SCADA display, with built in data recording and reporting.

2022-05-31 (4).png

The above is an example of FSS SCADA user interface. This configurable interface can give full GPS location monitoring, system monitoring, and user history.  KPI data can be tailored to the ship or operator, with alarms available onshore and offshore.

Pilz Safety PLC
AB Control PLC
Control Room
Pilz Image 3
SCADA Pressure Testing
AB GuardLogix
Shipping engine overveiw


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